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How is the milk procured?

  • Farmers from different villages who promise to deliver unadulterated milk are made our member farmers.
  • 18000 empanelled farmers are a part of our family.
  • Village-Level Collection Centers (VLCCs) are set up to procure the milk from the farmers.
  • Milk collected in the VLCCs is put to test with the computerised milk scanners which checks the Fat and SNF levels of the milk.
  • After the quality check, milk is collected in cans and transported to the Bulk Milk Coolers (BMCs).
  • Milk is cooled at 4°C in the BMCs.
  • BMCs are facilitated to test the incoming milk for bacteriological qualities. Various tests including Methylene Blue Reduction Test is carried out to keep a check on factors like Total Acidity, Fat and SNF.
  • Chilled milk from here is taken in insulated milk tankers to the factory.
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