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Farm to Fork

Sakthi Dairy Procurement


  • Our dairy's procurement system is farmer-centric.
  • Fresh milk is procured from farmers in different villages.
  • Village Level Collection Centers (VLCC) are set up to collect milk from them.
  • Computerised milk scanners are used to check the Fat and SNF levels of the milk.
  • After the quality check, the milk is transported to the Bulk Milk Coolers (BMCs).
  • Milk is cooled at 4°C in the BMCs. BMCs are facilitated to test the incoming milk for bacteriological qualities.
  • Chilled milk from here is taken in insulated milk tankers to the factory.

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Sakthi Dairy Processing


  • Milk undergoes further processing in the factory for standardisation of Fat levels and SNF levels.
  • It is then pasteurised to keep the milk free of pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Our factory is ISO 22000: 2005 certified, with a 4 lakh litres per day processing capacity.

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Sakthi Dairy Product Testing

Quality Testing

  • First level quality check of the milk is done at the VLCCs with the milk scanners.
  • Second level checking is done in the BMCs.
  • Finished products are tested for specified quality parameters as per our internal standardised sampling plan and test procedures.
  • Test results are recorded and further reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department.

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Sakthi Dairy Product Distribution

Distribution & Marketing

  • After the production, the fresh and chilled dairy products are stored at 4°C and a cold chain is maintained in the distribution system.
  • Our dairy products are made available to the local and international markets.
  • A well-organised supply chain makes sure our products reach the end consumers with high standards of quality.

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