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Rajabogam Boiled Ponni Rice

Presenting ABT's Rajabogam Boiled Ponni Rice from the house of Sakthi, and it is available in 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg. The product is the ideal choice for preparing the different types of rice treats and even desserts. As it is boiled, it will take less time to cook and adds more taste to the meals. Get Rajabogam Boiled Ponni Rice and never lose the magic touch of our tradition.

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Idly Rice Bag

Bringing to you ABT's Idly Rice from the house of Sakthi to make the perfect idly batter. From making spongy idlies to crispy dosa, the product will add an incredible feeling to start your day. The list also goes on with other delicious treats, including paniyaaram kolukattai, sevai, and others. Grab the 5 kg of Idly Rice Bag from ABT Foods now to cast a 'Healthy and traditional' spell on your family.

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Raw Ponni Rice

Introducing ABT's Raw Ponni Rice from the House of Sakthi, which is available in 5 kg bag. The rice will be delectable in combination with Vegetable curries and others. The white-colored rice is also the best choice in the preparation of Pongal and other desserts. Purchase ABT Food's Raw Ponni Rice now and enjoys its consistent quality throughout the year.

Currently Rice, Idly & Dosa Batter is available only at Sakthi Dairy Stores. Click here to view the list of stores.

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